Super bright LED ultra-thin boutique light box professional designed and produced by Taiwan Since 2008

Product List

T25 Double-frame light box

Arc Double-frame light box

Picture frame light box

Borderless light guide light box

T21 Double-frame light box

Drawing light box

Round shape light box

Color customization

Desktop light box

Illuminated light box from behind

Indicator light box

Customized product

21 Lite History

The country's first five-in-one ultra-bright LED ultra-thin boutique light box professional design and manufacturing by Taiwan. Thanks to KFC and COCO, COMEBUY, tea soup designated manufacturers "21Lite" super-bright (five-in-one) LED boutique light box original!

Feature of Product

1. Ultra-thin、 2. Ultra-light 、 3. High CP value 、 4. Ultra-easy replacement lamp 、 5. Super bright and uniform 、 6. Ultra-low power consumption 、 7. Ultra-durable heat dissipation

8. Super aesthetic design meets the quality requirements! Thin light box / LED light guide / LED light strip / custom light box / tracing light box)

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